Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Geek Girls Make Me Quiver (in the good way)

Where do geek girls get all the awesome from? We suspect it's a secret store for pretty girls who aren't stupid.

-Ashe and Laika

Pocahontas can say with all honesty that you boys need to watch more Coupling. If you did, you'd know without a doubt that all women belong to a vast worldwide sisterhood. You would know that there are never more than ten pairs of pantyhose at any given time and that we swap them back and forth for work meetings and kinky nights in (we wash them, of course).

That being said, think of awesome geek girls as a guild within the worldwide sisterhood. They have their resources. It may not be an actual store, but boy do that hey have their resources. And that's really all I can say without being lynched (it is the ultimate dishonor to betray secrets of the Sisterhood).

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