Thursday, August 14, 2008

Almost a Year Now

Since I last updated. That's why I'm updating.

This question comes from Ashe:



In general, one asks this question often. "Why?" is a question that is so basic, it comes as a gut reaction for most people. You find out you've been selected for an audit, your reply is: "Why?". Or perhaps you've found out that the sky has become a lovely green color, you would almost always ask: "Why?" (if you were going to ask anything, which under the circumstances, you probably wouldn't).

Sometimes it's a rhetorical question -- the answer is already known and doesn't need to be said.

But in answer to the aforementioned question: "Because."


Ashe said...

Because why?

PrettySiren said...

Because I said so, biatch.


Actually, there are many reasons. Just look deep, deep, deep inside yourself and you will see. (Or not.) Either way, at least you get to go on a grand adventure.